How to make time for your family amidst busy schedules

Thanks to the cutthroat competition and fast-paced work dynamics, it has become more difficult to make time for our families from our bustling timetables. Moreso for the men because working women are multi-taskers and somehow manage to have that balance but men are often blamed for not doing much for their families. To an extent these are valid allegations, right? Here is a list of just 5 easy things you can inculcate to bring some balance.

  1. Plan your month in advance
Plan your month
Merge both calendars

I’m sure you do this at work. You have a calendar full of meetings, conferences, deadlines, etc. But ever thought of making one for your family? Well, I would suggest merging the two calendars. See what important events are upcoming. Your child’s birthday? See if you can work an extra day and take an off on that day. Mother’s medical checkup? Squeeze in a meeting in that area post the doctors. This will help you work efficiently on other days and also be available for your family.

  1. Maximize those WFHs (Work from home)
Work from home
Find time off while working from home

Well, most of us are allowed to have a day or two in a month when we can work from home. Maximize those. Take a break from working and go grocery shopping, or take your kids out for a quick ice-cream treat. Come back and get back to work. This will not only be appreciated by your loved ones, but it will also leave you rejuvenated to continue working after.

  1. Outstation conferences to staycation

Do you have a conference out of town? Plan a staycation for a day or two with your family, post the conference. Exploring the place with your loved ones for the company, wouldn’t be all work and no play.

  1. Bond over real-life skills
Teaching life skills to kids
Bond over teaching skills to your kids

In today’s world, spending time with the family has become limited to going to the mall or watching a movie. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in these, once in a while. But how exactly are you bonding while watching a movie? One of the better ways to bond is teaching your loved ones some life skills that aren’t taught in textbooks. Simple things like how to do savings, or taking up extra courses to learn a skill, or teaching them how to use the internet effectively, etc. can help you bond as well as impart knowledge to your beloved ones.

  1. Make the most of family days in office

Do make the effort to take your family to your office whenever such days are organized. This will give them a feeling of inclusion. This will also make your family see and appreciate the hard work you put in, day in and day out. They will be more understanding of the nature of your work-life once they see it for themselves.

These were some simple steps you can take to spend more time with your family and make it count. Here’s to hearing ‘you don’t have time for us’ much lesser, going forward!

Easy steps for family time
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